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Are you looking for a hassle free place where you can:

  1. save money and accumulate your savings for your future needs?
  2. earn lucrative returns on your savings?
  3. get cheap and easily accessible borrowing for your development goals?
  4. purchase well-priced and legit property in Kenya without leaving your country of residence?
  5. get like-minded Kenyans who want to grow and build wealth together?
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The benefits

of becoming a Member of Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco:

The Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco is here to actualize your dreams as highlighted below.

  1. Save money and accumulate savings for your future needs - the Sacco gives you an opportunity to save regularly by instilling a saving culture in you, which eventually builds a long-term wealth thereby securing your future.
  2. Earn lucrative returns on your savings - instead of keeping your money elsewhere earning you no returns, the Sacco offers you guaranteed interest on your deposit. With as little as KES 50,000, you can deposit your money in Mavuno Term Deposit and earn interest after 3, 6 or 12 months then cash out your deposit and interest or roll it over for more growth.
  3. Cheap and easily accessible borrowing for your development goals - as a member you can enjoy the benefit of taking cheap and easily accessible loans of up to 4 times your savings. The Sacco caters for member welfare by offering loans with less stringent terms and conditions at competitive and affordable interest rates compared to commercial banks in Kenya. You don’t have to have a white or blue-collar job to apply for a Sacco loan! You will be pre-qualified for a loan using either your Form W-2, Form 1099, US bank statements, IRS tax returns, credit checks or other documentation that proves your ability to repay the loan.
  4. Ability to purchase well-priced and legit property in Kenya without leaving your country of residence - the Sacco acts as your trusted partner in helping you identify safe investments, negotiating property prices on your behalf, facilitating the transactions and closing the deals for you. Through strategic real estate partnerships, the Sacco brings you carefully negotiated investments that give you value for your money, such as the Isinya-Konza plots, enabling you to invest wisely on a plot, a house or a project opportunity like Fadhili Homes, that you can either keep, rent or sell and enjoy lucrative returns on your investment. The Sacco is the trusted partner who does the legwork for you and takes off that headache.
  5. The Sacco gives you a peace of mind as your money is safe - in that the Sacco being an entity that is registered and regulated by the ministry in accordance with the Cooperative Act 2004 that guides and limits the operations, investments options and governance structures.
  6. Join the company of like-minded Kenyans who want to grow and build wealth together - when you join the Sacco, pay the registration fee, purchase the initial 5 shares and make a contribution to your account, you become an owner and bona-fide member. You join like-minded Kenyans who want to grow and build wealth together by actively participating in Sacco activities including its management. As an owner, your vote and voice matters.


and Requirements:

To become a member of Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco, you should meet the following requirements.

  1. Be a Kenyan over 18 years old and in gainful employment
  2. Have a valid Kenyan Passport or a Kenyan National ID
  3. Provide a colored passport size photograph
  4. Provide information for a designated next of Kin (nominee)
  5. Pay a one-time non-refundable membership fee of Kenya Shillings (KES) 10,000
  6. Contribute a minimum of KES 10,000 to your Sacco Main Savings Account.
  7. Buy 20 shares worth KES 20,000 within 6 months.

How to

Join the Sacco:

Becoming a member is easy! You can simply apply online and attach the relevant documents or print, fill and mail * in the application forms.

Once the board committee has approved your application, a Main Savings Account is opened for you. You membership account and payment information are emailed to you. You can then start sending money to your Sacco account using one of these payment options.

*Applications send via postal mail will require a non-refundable KES 10,000 membership application fee payable by check or money order. Applications made online are free!

Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco. Designed with you in mind!


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