Team and Board Members

We want you to rest assured that you will be dealing with a team of officials whom transparency and accountability is at the core of all their operations. An impartial and effective team that is selflessly working to serve all Kenyans in the USA, ensure their money is safe and bring to you only sound investment opportunities. Those are the principles that this Sacco is grounded on.

Apart from being Board Members, it is through commitment, value and sacrifice to be of service to their fellow Kenyans in the USA that the entire team below happen to be the ones who co-founded Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco - the first Kenyan Sacco in the Diaspora.

And in accordance with the Co-operative Societies Act Cap 490 Laws of Kenya and Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco Society by-laws, the current team of Executive and Committee Board members are charged with the responsibility of managing the Sacco on a day to day basis and will be serving you in this Sacco.

Ralph Kilondu

Chairman of the Society

Ralph Kilondu is a practicing businessman of more than 20 years in the USA having a background in Mechanical Engineering and Business management. A co-founder of the Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco, he was the institution’s first Treasurer and its second holder of the office of the Hon. Secretary prior to his election to Chair the Board in June 2021. Ralph is a Board member of the Africa Diaspora International Savings Bank (ADIS), Antigua, a member of the Executive Leadership of the Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium and a member of the Diaspora Council of Elders among many others. He is also a recipient of various recognitions and awards including the Uhuru open scholarship fund, AKPA 2003 Person of the year, Kenya Scholars & Studies Association recognition awards of 2017 and 2019, the Houston Mashujaa award of 2019 in the category of Business and Entrepreneurship, and the most recent 2020 Men Impact Change Honoree in the category of Entrepreneurship awarded by the Baltimore County Executive through its Executive Citation. Ralph remains deeply passionate about the community he serves and is a practicing farmer back in his rural home in Kenya. His hope during his tenure is to see the Sacco grow several-fold to serve its membership through products and services second to none.


Charles Onchoke

Vice Chairman

A financial management specialist with over 20 years’ experience in public finance and accounting. Extensive knowledge in strategic planning and organizational management. Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. Business Manager for GME School of Medicine, Texas Tech University, (USA); Chairman of the Board of Directors for ICDC Global (USA), a management consulting firm; and Advisor to Wazee Properties LLC (USA), a real estate firm. President of Bonchari Citizen’s Council and Kenyan Community in Lubbock and Hobbs Welfare Association; Patron of St. Elias Primary School (Kenya); and Member of the Finance Committee of St. John Neumann Church, Lubbock TX (USA). Previously, served as the Director of Finance at the National Treasury of Kenya, treasurer of two large cities in Kenya, as well as a board member of several organizations. Deep understanding of corporate governance and business development backed with strong strategic focus, analytical and problem-solving skills. Doctor of Business Administration (USA), Master of Accountancy (UK), Bachelor of Commerce (Kenya), and Bachelor of Laws (Kenya).


Isaac Kasera

Hon. Secretary

Isaac heads KUDS ICT and brings valuable innovation and Technology experience as well as project management to the Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco. Since its founding, he has been offering professional services to the Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco as needed and is very passionate about KUDS. Isaac also runs a solutions architect centric business in the greater Boston area, focusing on small to mid-sized minority businesses. He is currently employed in corporate America by a major Software company in the Boston area where he resides and has been working in Technology for over 20 years for various companies. In his free time, he likes travelling, hiking, animated Biblical stories and researching on cutting-edge Technology solutions.


David Wanjiru Chege

Treasurer of the Society

David Wanjiru is currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the California Department of State Library (CSL). He provides oversight for the efficient and effective use of Information Technology (IT), telecommunications resources and business solutions within the CSL. Prior to his current role, David spent 25 years in various positions with the State of California working for the Departments of Water Resource, Transportation, California Energy Commission, and taught IT and critical thinking online courses at the University of Phoenix. He is currently a part of the 2016 California Government Transformation Forum Advisory Board.

David is an active and a founding member of Ushirika Kenya, a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to building a strong, united and thriving Kenyan community in Northern California and throughout the United States. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of Pork Delights Limited, an established Kenyan Agribusiness pig farming entity based in Kikuyu, Kenya. He is actively engaged and in involved in conferences on Kenya and Sub-Saharan affairs. He was the keynote speaker at the 2015 African Diaspora Marketplace III grant competition.

David attended high school at Starehe Boy's Centre, before getting his college education, a bachelor's degree in Physics and Computer Science at Principia College located at Alton, Illinois. He is also a graduate of the California State University, Sacramento, where he acquired his Masters of Business Administration Degree. He lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and their two sons.

He believes leadership is about serving others, and working with others to achieve a meaningful mission. His leadership philosophy has been developed over many years of public service. He seeks to learn from others, and treat every failure and success as a learning opportunity. His personal learning philosophy is to learn by actively participating and engaging in problem solving. He believes that the Kenya USA Diaspora SACCO will be the catalyst for financial transformation for the diasporans and Kenya in ways it has never been envisioned.

David enjoys travelling, reading books, hiking, biking and spending time with his sons. Soccer is his favorite sport and enjoys coaching his boys teams.


Simon Nyagah

Board Member

Simon brings invaluable experience and service to the management team of the Kenya USA Diaspora SACCO. For more than 20 years, he has provided institutions and governments with strategic financial services with a focus on business, corporate finance and financial advisory services to emerging market companies and financially stable organizations. His skills include and, are not limited to: the overall management and operations of business, outsourcing, entrepreneurship and consulting.

He is involved and actively participates in conferences on sub-Saharan African affairs, sponsored by a number of business and government interests, which are held periodically in Kenya, the USA and other countries. He has also created opportunities to spread and grow client and capital sources, both in the private and governmental categories. Simon was also intensively involved with the AGOA initiative conferences and meetings in Washington DC pushing for its establishment and subsequent extension

Simon has also held strategic and influential positions with, J.P. Morgan Chase, Chase Home Equity, U.S. Census, Bureau and Central Bank of Kenya. He is among the very few individuals who holds the title of Certified OPIC Loan and political risk insurance Originator for Sub-Sahara Africa, a federal agency of the US Government and is certified under its Economic Development Network(EDN) Program.

Simon is based in our Nairobi offices located in Victoria Towers Ground Floor, in Upperhill. He is an ex-diaspora having lived in the USA for 12 years and divides his time between Kenya and the USA.


Eric Mwangi

Board Member

Eric brings over 20 years of marketing experience having worked for some top brands such as Shell & BP, Africa Online, S.P. Richards and GE. He is a proud father of 3 and an active Community Service Leader. Eric is an avid sports fan and a proud Alum of Lenana School and the University of Nairobi. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and is also a Chartered Marketer from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Birmingham, UK.

Eric currently works with Synchrony Financial (formerly GE Retail Finance). He is also the President of African Business Network, ABN, your preferred partner in Networking and Business Marketing Solutions. In his spare time he also finds time to run a non-profit organization called Chance Afrika that seeks to help and support children through sports and educational programs since 2006, tapping to his compassion and love to give-back to the Youth.

In his early life Eric played hockey, soccer and rugby and was the Captain of the University Rugby Team. He also played for the Kenya select rugby team. He is a selfless and dedicated community Leader whose drive for results, excellence and getting people together for the common good is outstanding.


Angela Karanja

Board Member

Angela brings a rich recruiting and HR background in corporate American spanning over 14 years to the Sacco. She has a strong passion for helping others achieve their goals in various facets of life, and is actively involved in the Kenyan community in Atlanta, serving as a board member for a nonprofit organization. Angela holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Human Resource Management. When not working, Angela enjoys spending time with her family.

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