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TO: All Members and Potential Members

FROM: Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco  (KUDS)

DATE:  10th December 2018

SUBJECT:           Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between The Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco And Optiven Limited

We are pleased to inform that the KENYA USA DIASPORA SACCO (KUDS) has signed a Property Financing Arrangement with OPTIVEN Limited, whereby the Optiven clients or members will be financed by KUDS to acquire Optiven properties subject to KUDS or Sacco terms and conditions. Its therefore understood that Optiven clients/members are required by KUDS constitution to join KUDS and become active members contributing consistently for at least  Six (6) months before they are eligible for a loan. Its further understood that the Optiven clients or members must meet all other Sacco terms and conditions for financing .

To access the detailed KUDS loan requirements clique on this link;

How to Apply for Sacco Normal or Development Loan and how To Join the Sacco.

Thank You

Ralph Kilondu,

Board Secretary

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